Bail Bonds:

How Bail Bonds Work

When an arrested individual lacks the cash or property necessary to meet the total cost of bail set for them, they can engage the services of one of Pro Bail Bonds’ bail agents or “bondsmen.” Bail agents negotiate the release of the accused person in exchange for a fee that typically amounts to eight to 10 percent of the full face value of the bail. After the fee has been negotiated and responsibility for the bail bond has been accepted by either the arrested individual or a co-signor, the bail agent will deliver the bond to the jail, allowing the arrested individual to leave police custody. Remember, if you’d like to know more, our Bail Bonds FAQ can deliver additional information.

The Bail Bonds Process

At Pro Bail Bonds, all of our agents are experienced professionals and fully prepared to guide you through the bonding process. We clarify the entire process and help you understand every step. If you need to solve a bail bond problem, we stand ready to help at any time, day or night, seven days a week.