Bail Bonds:

Bail Bonds Discounts

Pro Bail Bonds offers discounts to veterans, AARP members, veterans, active duty service personnel, and defendants with private legal counsel.

20% Savings on Bail

If you belong to one of the qualifying groups, you can save 20 percent on bail. See above for details.

Bail For Union Members

Qualified union membership of the defendant or co-signer must be verified by the presentation of a current union card.

Bail For Active-Duty Military Personnel & Veterans

Active-duty personnel, veterans, and immediate family members all qualify for a 20 percent bail discount.


Active AARP cardholders and their immediate family members receive a 20 percent discount on bail.

Bail For Private Defense Counsel

As long as private defense counsel has been retained by the defendant or on the defendant’s behalf, Pro Bail Bonds offers a 20 percent discount. In the interest of building a strong criminal defense for a reasonable price, we will reduce the cost of bail for your firm’s clients.