Bail Bonds:

Bail Bondsman

Bail agents (also called bail bond agents, bond agents, or bondsmen) work for bail bond agencies specialize in helping arrested people who don’t have sufficient property or cash to cover their bail’s face amount. In exchange for being paid a percentage fee that is calculated based on the bail’s face amount, the bail agent agrees to secure the arrested individual’s release from custody before the trial. Every time there is bail written, a bail agent is entering into a contract with a court stating that the bail agent is guaranteeing that the arrested individual will appear for all hearings that are required or pay the bail’s face amount. The bail agent is agreeing to act as a surety – an individual who agrees to be responsible for another’s obligation or debt.

Pro Bail Agents

Our bail bondsmen are standing by prepared to help arrested individuals across California – seven days per week, 24 hours per day. You will find that our bail agents are always affordable, professional and prompt. They are fully committed to providing the very best service that can be offered by a bail agent. The next time that either you or someone you love needs bail, make sure you visit or call a bail bond agent at All-Pro. You never know when you are going to need a Pro.