Attorney Bail Information

With interest free payment plans, lower rates for customers retaining private counsel, as well as court appearances and walk-thru warrant service, private law firms can help their clients save money and time by referring them to the services provided by Pro Bail Bonds.

All across the state, attorneys are discovering the benefits that come when their clients are referred to Pro Bail Bonds.

Help Your Clients Save 20% on Their Bail.

Pro Bail Bonds provides clients who have retained private counsel with the lowest rates available. Your clients are serious enough that they hired your law firm, which makes us willing to pass along the savings to help reduce the overall expenses of a quality criminal defense. Help your client save 20% on their bail.

Interest Free Payment Plans

With its flexible payment plans, Pro Bail Bonds is quickly becoming well-known for being California’s most affordable bail agency. We have payment plans for all clients who need them, which reduces the financial burden that the client is faced with once bail has been posted. We offer interest free affordable payment plans to our clients so that they can get their bail today and then pay tomorrow. We can put an affordable payment plan together so they are able to get out today – whether or not they have all of the upfront money for their bail.

Walk-Thru Warrants

When you have a client with an outstanding warrant that wants to turn themselves in, but want to spare having to be booked into jail, we can help. The Pro Bail Bonds “Walk-Thru” enables your client to be able to post bail when they surrender. That way it won’t be necessary for them to be booked into jail and have to go through a long release process.

We offer an option for clients who have retained private counsel to make arrangements for bail via facsimile and/or the telephone. We can even post the client’s bond using a telephone guarantee to expedite the release of a loved one or friend.

Court Support

Our Pro Bail Bond professional staff is always prepared, with just a moment’s notice, to help clients who are in need of our court services. For example, if you have a client in custody who wants to post bail, our staff can go to court to deliver the bond which will reduce how much time your client will have to spend in jail. If needed we can also appear for reinstatement and 1275 hearings.

If your client is in need of bail, they can call 877.647.4701 to speak to us here at Pro Bail Bonds. Our agents are hear to answer their call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.