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We have offices located throughout the state of California, and service all Californians’ needs, 24 hours per day and seven days per week. All of our agents are courteous, professional, and ready to help you. Give us a call today and allow us to find the best way to make bail as affordable and hassle free for you as possible.

If someone you care for or know is currently in jail and you don’t think you can afford to help them, give Pro Bail Bonds a call today.

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Our Mission

We have a simple Mission, “To Provide Every Client with Professional, Prompt Service at an Affordable Price.” When a crisis arises, our clients are searching for someone who is professional and respectful. Also, in today’s economy, numerous clients are also searching for the solution that is the most affordable for them. Those three customer key needs is what our entire customer service model is based on and revolves around. Whenever you call Pro Bail Bonds, you can rest assured that the agent you talk to will act professionally, promptly and find the best and most affordable solution for you.


Bail Bondsman


Bail agents (also called bail bond agents, bond agents, or bondsmen) work for bail bond agencies specialize in helping arrested people who don’t have sufficient property or cash to cover their bail’s face amount. In exchange for being paid a percentage fee that is calculated based on the bail’s face amount, the bail agent agrees to secure the arrested individual’s release from custody before the trial. Every time there is bail written, a bail agent is entering into a contract with a court stating that the bail agent is guaranteeing that the arrested individual will appear for all hearings that are required or pay the bail’s face amount. The bail agent is agreeing to act as a surety – an individual who agrees to be responsible for another’s obligation or debt.


Unions, Veterans, Military Personnel


We are proud to be Americans and as such, we are proud to of our payment plans and lower rates for union members, veterans and the military. While some agencies choose to downplay payment plans and lower rates, we feel, given the substantial savings passed on to the client, its worth promoting!


Bail Bonds Career Information


Are you in the market for a new career with unlimited potential with a fast-moving organization? Are you dedicated, professional and able to put in the hours it takes to be successful? Pro Bail Bonds is California’s most trusted discount bail bonds service. We are located all over California and we are looking for good help!




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